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  • ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE / ‎June ‎19, ‎2014
  • CATALOG /A1827961
  • LABEL /Studizzy
  • FORMAT /Digital
  • Produced /Ellis Iyomahan & Brian Jala
  • Mix and Master /Ellis Iyomahan

Release tracklist

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Amazing indie trap song highlighting the frustrations of fighting forces beyond ones control. Caught up in a situation, she has to deal with an onslaught of emotions, on one hand, she finds true love but on the other, he is taken way from her. The song is based on a true story and beautifully sung by Frizzy (at the time aged 16). Her flows are set on top of an unexpectedly simple but effective indie-trap beat produced by Ellis Iyomahan and Brian Jala

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Amazing voice!