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Looking to book an artist or DJ for your next live event? or do you want one of our procurers/engineers to propel your next project? Let us know and we will follow up ASAP if you have any questions.
Please make sure you book in advance to ensure a smooth stress-free arrangement. Shows are confirmed upon payment and receipts are available if required. Upon receipt of payment a tech rider (if applicable) will be submitted along with a confirmation. Please contact us using the form below and please include any  information you may think we may require in the notes section.
Mixing and mastering
Transactions are online and will not require studio time, just send in the payment and follow the instructions as provided. Once the work is complete the files will be sent back to you via an online file transfer. Please download and keep safe as these links expire and we may not have a backup of your work.
NOTE! We pride ourselves on being very professional and reliable, please take this into consideration as we expect the same from our clients. We look forward to hearing about your next project/event and hope to jam with you soon.

AMG – Global HQ,
141 Spadina Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M5V 2K8 Canada
(1) 416 272 4508

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