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Diego Gomes on the panel for the 2018 416 AND THE CITY MUSIC & SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE

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416 & The city Music & social media conference
A place with less talk & more action
Learn about the music Business, touring and also
live showcase talent show & Panel talent showcase

Saturday July 28 2018 – Showcase & Talent show with Panel
Sunday July 29 2018 – DJ Skills & Social Media Gurus

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Complex Feature: From Trapped In America To Trap’s Newest Star: An Inside Look At How Shah Made It In Atlanta

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Here is what complex had to say about our us
“Shah went from trapped in America to Atlanta’s newest star!,” shouts Magic City’s DJ as Shah enters, a greeting the Toronto rapper has gotten a lot recently in Atlanta this past summer. Following a 2016 debut that earned him accolades that ranged from being named one of Toronto’s top new rappers to having one of the year’s Most Underrated Songs, Shah resisted major label opportunities, remaining an independent artist who was mostly off of the mainstream’s radar. This summer a new buzz surrounding Shah arose – but not one on blogs or in industry boardrooms, but one from the streets of Atlanta. How did a promising Toronto lyricist re-emerge in the heartland of trap? There were some blog rumors that this popularity had been driven by Shah’s recent federal detainment when he tried to cross international borders, making the home-grown Canadian rapper a real-life trapped in America story. Unclear if this was fact or rumor, and still lacking understanding about Shah’s path to the South, Complex Canada headed to Atlanta for a few days to find out the truth. The following account captures Shah’s journey to stardom in rap’s current mecca, and also provides a glimpse into the process of “making it” in Atlanta’s underground music industry.
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News Media Coverage Shah

Backdoorhiphop Feature: How Swamp Izzo Is Turning Toronto’s Shah Into Atlanta’s Next Superstar

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Here is what Backdoorhiphop had to say about the new artist Shah
Shah is not the first Toronto rapper whose stardom was propelled by Atlanta. Drake and Torey Lanez have credited Atlanta for helping launch their careers. Even Kardinal Offishall, the original Toronto rap god, relocated to Atlanta after signing with Akon’s Konvict music. So it’s surprising that prior to last week, no Toronto artist had ever conquered Hot 107.9FM’s Battlegrounds, arguably Atlanta’s most influential radio program known for launching soon-to-be national hits. This all changed last week when Shah’s newest single Just Text swept Battlegrounds, attaining the maximum five wins. In the days since its Battlegrounds reign, Just Text began charting in cities neighboring Atlanta.
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whatthehype.ca say Shakill "is a great example of how creative aesthetic and style can change up a genre like trap"

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The work is a five track EP brimming with emotional inspiration. The style of sound present in the work would be categorized into the TrapGenre, yet it is slightly different from the usual Trap track. Instead of glorifying the lifestyle, Shakill seems to advise against it, or at least preach about the hardships that come with it. Aside from the track Heard Me, most of the tracks seem to come from an area of desire to send an insightful message about life in the 6ix. Below is a full tracklist of the EP content.
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