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They said don't do it but he did... Heavily influenced by the streets around him this bad boy paid full price. Diego is split between 2 worlds, once surrounded by spotlights he now walks a different path, a path with only streetlights to see him through.

Tii-tii is no stranger to the streets, her street dealer dad was never present so she was raised by her mother and biker stepdad. This influence (or lack there off) set the tone for what she was to become, a strong, independent and fearless hustler.
When Tii-tii’s mother moved to Toronto’s the east end Tii-tii took to the streets and the grind of a troubled youth turned into the makings of a Scarface movie. On her rise to power things escalated, jealousy and greed almost lead to the young woman’s death at the hands of the man she thought she loved.
Stabbed multiple times to the head they thought Tii-tii would make it but with inner strength and perseverance, she pulled through. It was at this point Tii-tii decided to find another way and that she did!
Turning to rap driven by a new way forward She set out to build a new empire. Tii-tii was still in and out of juvenile centers but she never gave up writing about the life she was trying to escape. It paid off.
One day on her way to see a counselor Tii-tii ended up in a spontaneous full-fledged street rap battle. The battle took place a few shops north of the legendary Hip-Hop institution and record store Play De Record. It was here Tii-tii got discovered by the manager who just happened to walk in on the battle on his way to lunch.
They worked on her craft not releasing anything for 6 years. In 2018 they released her debut single Bubble Gum which instantly got scooped up and signed to a singles deal by Sony/AMG.
Tii-tii’s rap style is very infectious and easy to listen too. Her delivery is playful and fun juxtaposed with harder more serious lyrical content. Her flow and modern cadence change quite sporadically her songs so rest assured no 2 songs in her repertoire sound the same.
Tii-tii – Toronto’s No.1 female liaison to the rap game.

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Tii-tii is now busy in the studio preparing for her highly anticipated debut EP.

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