My Biography

He started his musical career in the early 90s as a member of Oslo first and most prolific rap group Bolt War Heads Northside unit. Being an active member of the then growing hip-hop scene he had access to many high profiled underground artists which lead to countless collaborations with artists like VOT, Timmon, MC Kay, Tommy Tee, Mc Cool breeze and many more. One of his collaborators DJ NUHHH (Equicez and Pass it) later became his production partner, they both invested in a studio and it was at this point music production became a career.
As a teenaged African Norwegian troublemaker, his parents sent him to Nigeria to peruse a higher education. Little did they know they would be pushing him further towards his passion. Motivated by boredom and a lack of hip-hop on the airways he started developing artists from his street and ended up with one of the hottest record label’s holding it down for his native city Benin called Studizzy. He inspired a whole generation and his music would literally be fresh out of Cubase at 18:00 and on prime time radio by 21:00. Artists would include BabaZ, KC-Presh, Osho Alpachino, Knighthood, Kaha, Hidden ruby, and many more
After university he moved to Toronto and found a mentor in Grammy nominee Don Griffin, and shortly after secured a management job at Play De Record where he was further exposed to work the likes Camille Douglas, Jhyve, Boi 1 da, 808mafia, S Davis, Sizzla, Shakill, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Tvice, Diego Gomes, Riff Raff, Boogz, and Shah
Here is what he has to say about his work “my musical tastes are out of control. I feel truly international and this reflects in my style which ranges from Afro-Beat to Hip-hop to EDM. I like to think of it as urban overall but its deeply rooted in hip-hop. My favorite artists are Anita Baker, Sade and Cameo stuff like that”

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