My Biography

I have struggled with my bio all my life. As you know there is nothing more difficult and annoying for an artist than to have to justify who you are, why you are, you’re sound and the career choices on paper.  But this is my bio so here goes.

As a kid in Norway I always kept my black beat up Sony Walkman with me. It was my window to other worlds. I could hang out on a New York corner with Pete Rock or get high out west with Eazy-E. Music shaped me, it taught me. I couldn’t help but pick the tunes apart wondering how did they do that?  I never decided to become a producer or an engineer it just chose me.

My mom, now retired nurse did all she could to put her 5 kids in an international private  school, so needless to say there wasn’t much left over for toys and dope fashions. I won a Commodore Amiga in my early teens so this pretty much became my only toy. I had a copy of a music program called Pro tracker and this was pretty much my only game. I knew this game inside and out hence I managed to make a name for myself as the kid around the block who made beats.

Fast forward to university, culture shock and the love of my life. My folks had decided the best way to keep me out of teen age trouble was to send me to Africa for higher education. Little did they know they would be pushing me further towards my passions. I developed artists from around my hood and ended up with one of the hottest record label’s holding it down for my native city. We inspired a whole generation. Our music would literally be fresh out of Cubase at 18:00 and on the radio by 21:00. The world was ours and for many we were living the dream, but I was haunted. My thirst for knowledge was insatiable and I had no mentor so I set out to find one.

I headed back home to Oslo but that didn’t last long. Got an awesome IT job with my degree and an amazing girl with my charm but the more comfortable I got to more I couldn’t sleep at night. I had gone astray and had panic attacks to prove it. I had to do something.

I quit my job left my girl and moved to Canada. Found a mentor in Grammy nominee Don Griffin, got a job at Play De Record Toronto and I have managed produced for some pretty big names …… but I’m still thirsty, hungry, haunted……..

Ok so my musical tastes are out of control and can no longer be defined. I feel truly international and this reflects in my taste which ranges from Afro Beat to Hip-hop to EDM trap and dubstep. I like to think of it as urban beats. My favorite artists are Anita Baker, Sade and Cameo and I have worked with artists such as Camille Douglas, Jhyve, S Davis, Sizzla, Shakill, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Tommy-T, Bolt Warhead, Knight Hood, KC-Presh and many more.

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Artist Manager
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